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The Moby light blends modern lighting technology with plaster, a delicate material more associated with fine art.
When Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach created the Moby light, it was born out of an affinity with plaster, a material used more for prototyping and fine art.
Fragile by it's very nature, plaster offers a softness and monolithic quality to any form. Through collaborations on previous projects the duo found that their plaster models often had a precise stability and reflective quality that was not always realised when their designs were converted into more conventional, hard wearing materials.
Moby's form is pleasingly abstract, it's light source encased within a cap that is crafted from the void created in the main element.
It's position illuminates the cavity and draws the eye to it's organic curves. The choice of a traditional material such as plaster balanced with modern lighting technology embraces the Danish craft tradition but continues to
push ideas forward.
By again choosing plaster as the final material, the light has a sensitivity and delicacy, it will change with use acquiring new marks and forms. A design that will continue to evolve as it ages.

Moby is sold in Studio/Store 71 Nansensgade, Copenhagen and made in collaboration with Jonas Trampedach 2015.