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Birgitte Due Madsen’s work evolves around craftmanship and quality. Her work is mostly produced in her own studio and by her self. With a constant awareness and humility toward functionality and quality her professional integrity lies in the fascination of the elongated project which examines elements such as materiality and aesthetics and which allows the project to develop in abstract form before it is formalized. Through an autonomous and unpretentious approach, she integrates new materials such as gypsum, resin or concrete and various techniques to achieve her design ideals. Her works are characterized by a subtle, poetic color scheme, tactile textures and a strict, playful geometry.

For Birgitte high quality is a central value to beauty and skilled works. In the interaction with the viewer she feels pleased to master materials that invites to a following touch. Contact with gypsum or resin as exhibited materials are rare since they are considered sketching materials and not the final expressions. It surprises and attracts with soft surfaces and deep reflections of light and shadow. If you touch the objects you get a more sensible and sophisticated understanding of the craftsmanship behind as well as the beauty of the surface.

Birgitte works on her pieces for a very long time continuing to refine the material in a way that pays of in the final result and in the interaction with the beholder. She trusts her instincts and values. Everything has a history and is inscribed in historic contexts and classic disciplines that seems to offer more inspiration, matter and content than passing trends or fleeting influences. We are all based on historic records and a rediscovery of this in our own time intensifies our presence. If one goes into the basic principles of geometry the possibilities of form are endless.

In addition to industrial products developed in collaboration with distinct manufacturers, experimental prototypes and sculptural unique pieces are an important part of Birgitte’s work. She exhibits at art and design fairs, galleries and museums at home and abroad and has been awarded several prizes, including the Danish Craft Award of 1879 twice and the Danish Arts Foundation’s grants on several occations.

She lives and works in Copenhagen, where she also have her studio.

Emilie Boe Bierlich